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Halifax Boys' Brigade - Faith In Young People                                                                 Est 1906

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The Halifax Boys' Brigade Battalion held its first meeting on 9th August 1906. The first Boys' Brigade Company in Halifax was established in 1898 which was at Stannary - close to where the 20th Salem Company is based today.


Prior to the Battalion becoming aproved there were several 'Halifax Boys' Brigade' meetings where matters that needed discussing with representatives from all Companies took place.


Once the formation of a Halifax Battalion was aproved in 1906 meetings took place, which is still similar to what happens today. By the end of 1906 there were 7 BB companies throughout Halifax.


1st Stannary

2nd Sion

3rd Luddendenfoot

4th Square

5th Elland

6th Rhodes Street

7th Park


Over the years the Battalion has been through many outstanding events and has stood the tests of time and today is still as popular among boys as it was over 100 years ago.

A Brief History of the Boys' Brigade in Halifax.

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