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"Volunteering with the Halifax Boys' Brigade was one of the best things I ever did!"

The Halifax Boys’ Brigade is now able to offer the vInspired Award to Young Volunteers!


The Halifax Boys’ Brigade has a membership of over 300 Children and Young People. Around 60 of which are aged between 14 and 18, who all Volunteer their time to help put something back into the Organisation that has helped them Develop into Positive Young Men.


Before the main reward for the Teenagers who were Volunteering was that the work would go towards their Presidents and Queens Awards. Now they will be able to log their Volunteer Hours and be able to gain the vInspired Awards along with their Boys’ Brigade Awards.


Not only will the current members of the Boys’ Brigade be able to gain the award, other Young Volunteers will be able to access the Award.

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Alex Brownridge said that he gained the Millennium Volunteers Award back in 2000 and that this was the follow on from that project. It has helped impress his employers and he hopes that it will help improve the chances of the Senior members of the Halifax Boys’ Brigade and the other Young People who are Volunteering, to stand out from the rest.


Andrew Rawnsley – Battalion President adds that it’s only fair that our Volunteers are recognised and what a fantastic way to recognise their hard work!


Young Volunteers can sign up to the Award Online Here!

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